Refund policy


Competency Certificates/Packages/Mini-Programs
There will be no refund for any On-Demand webinar that has been viewed in part or in entirety. Any refund due will be calculated through a combination of unviewed webinar values and program costs, and will incur a $50 administrative fee.

On Demand webinars
Purchases of individual On-Demand webinars are not refundable.

Streaming Class Refund Policy.
You may reschedule to another comparable event at no charge (date subject to availability). Please contact [email protected]. 100% refund up to 21 days before the event. 50% refund from 20-8 days before the event. No refund 7 days before the event.

In-Person Class Refund Policy
For classes in person, there is an event cancellation fee included in your purchase. It covers most illnesses, injuries, weather related travel problems, and more. See this document for details. COVID related illness is not covered, however, if COVID is why you cannot attend, you may use your registration fees toward any other streaming or recorded ISEE event for one year. Documentation by a doctor is required.

For Full Certificate Program Refunds
The ISEE refund and financial policy will be fully explained to you prior to enrollment. You will sign a document stating that you have read and understand the refund policy before you enroll. Please refer to your student handbook if you have already begun the program.

This policy is subject to change at any time. For more information or to begin a refund that you are due, please contact Amy at [email protected].